POPP Key Fob

4-Button remote control•Buttons can be assigned free (as single buttons or button pairs) Scene control via Z-Wave gateway Smooth and robust housing Sliding cover prevents accidental touches

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The KFOB-C by POPP is a 4-button remote control with Z-Wave controller function. You can switch devices such as lamps, shutters or switchable sockets or complex – via control centre defined – scenes.

The KFOB-C could be used as a primary controller and secondary controller as well. In primary mode, devices can be connected to the POPP remote control. Once one device is added to the KFOB-C, it checks the device type (switch, dimmer, shutter…) and assigns the buttons with correct commands.

In secondary mode, the KFOBl-C works via Z-Wave control centre. Thus, it is also able to control complex pre-defined scenes (e.g. ‘All-off’ or a special light atmosphere).

With the battery-operated POPP remote control, you can control your smart home from everywhere at home. Using the KFOB-C remote control is as simple as using a radio car key – and thereby equally compact so that it fits any key ring. Thanks to its robust sliding cover, the KFOB is prevented against involuntary touches of the buttons

Additional information

Battery Life

Longer battery life, due to optimized energy management

Battery type

1 * CR2032

Radio Protocol


Technical Characteristics
Radio Protocol



30 g


55 × 15 × 30 mm