2014 Vacation Present Guide -GirlfriendsMeet Blog

2014 Vacation Present Guide -GirlfriendsMeet Blog

Christmas are on their way up truly rapidly and that I’m certain that clearly you know. Will you be striving for the best friend or girlfriend a gift? If you find yourself here are a couple things that we’ve found to create that procedure just a little simpler.

1. Lesbian BFF/Couple necklaces

no. 1 BEST-SELLING – The State Lesbian Pride Necklace. Normally truly adorable though. The LSelection has also interacial lesbian couple pendants, where you simply take one half while permit your own person take a half.


2. Hand Powered Portable Espresso Machine

Carry out i must state a lot more? In case you are near to being as pretentious as me this is exactly a definite will need to have. After all everybody knows that a genuine residence coffee is an Americano. Are we able to create #coffeesnob anything?


3. Smartphone projector

You heard that right ! Sick of enjoying Netflix in your new iphone 4? This device will supersize it in your wall (remember the projectors in senior high school?) with no headache of trying to find out which wire may be the HDMI cable or if you need a Ethernet wire.


4. Cat Teapot with Tea Cups

I actually dislike beverage. As explained above i’m 100percent a coffee individual. But I cannot withstand something as adorable because Cat Kettle that comes with cups at the base. It’s therefore kitschy additionally thus useful.


5. R2D2 Measuring Cups

For someone who is into celebrity Wars this is so that immeasurably (haha) cool. If they’ren’t into Superstar Wars (that is actually odd) then let’s not pretend here. Anything from believe that Geek excellent so we all have actually this 1 geeky fixation.


6. DIY Pinhole Camera Kit

I can’t guarantee that they can use this forever and ever before but how fun can it be to put together your very own digital camera. Have a blast along with your buddies. Possibly require some vacation images and just have quite a few memories. Additionally, it is much better compared to the one I’d to construct within my Grade 10 media course.


7. Ouija Board

Maybe you’ve summoned the ghost of Christmas time last ? Anyone can should you decide pick up this awesome Ouija panel. Severely though exactly how much enjoyable are these items?


8. Holly Golightly Bubble Bar

We all know that tub items are the go to for the holiday season.  In case you are planning to drop that path you could nicely succeed cruelty free and very precious. My eyes take the Holly Golightly Bubble pub from Lush. Notice: break fast at Tiffany’s is actually my personal favorite flick so I might be some swayed of the title.


9. Instant Polaroid Digital Camera

I have seen these available for a little while nevertheless they simply don’t perish down. Like pin-hole camera this miniature camera is great fun for lots of memories. In case you are into attending Festivals in the Summer and road trips this is the gift. Afterwards you can browse the photos and instagram all of them.


10. Ukelele

Ukelele’s tend to be amazing and great for anybody who would like to grab a device. You guys can find out together and sound bad strumming along to vacation tunes.


I am just perhaps not something special specialist but hopefully I influenced the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide as well as set you on the right track. These web sites have actually a lot of other things you are able to click right through and.

Grateful Holidays !

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